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About Me

Nutrition is my passion, and for the past decade, I have had the pleasure of counseling thousands of clients. Here’s what I’ve learned from my clients over the years:


There’s no quick fix solution to achieving a healthier life. Quick fix solutions don’t work in the long-run, and they compromise our relationship with food.


When we work together, we work hard to figure out the obstacles that are holding you back from making consistent, healthy food choices. The plan we develop and the goals we set are always unique to your lifestyle, schedule, food preferences and medical history.


Our goals are designed to optimize your health, and we focus on making science-based nutrition changes for improved outcomes such as:

  • Having more energy

  • Achieving a balanced relationship with food

  • Decreasing bloating, reflux and other digestive issues

  • Being finally free to eat the foods you love, without compromising your health

  • Managing health conditions (like PCOS, hormone imbalances, pre-diabetes)

  • Preventing nutrition-related conditions

  • And overall, feeling like the best version of yourself

You receive my ongoing support, feedback and encouragement, so that you are motivated to make real strides towards a healthier life. Even more, we work together virtually, so that you are never without the care of a dietitian.

As a super busy mom of two, I also get it. 

Eating healthy all the time is HARD. The nutrition plans and goals are always realistic. Whether you are a proficient home-cook, or a Seamless maven, we can help you find the changes that work for your lifestyle. 

I can't wait to get started! 

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