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Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Do you want to finally eat freely, and enjoy food again? 

Are you confused about conflicting diet and nutrition messages?
Feel like you're eating foods that are making you unwell? 
Are you looking to get healthier?
Ready to improve your energy levels, and feel like you again? 

You're in the right place!

Book your FREE initial consult to discuss how we can work together virtually to get you the results you deserve 

disordered eating

Stuck in "diet" patterns

Negative food habits 

Poor relationship with food

Is food something you look forward to, or dread? Achieve a healthy relationship with food. 

general wellness

Vegetarian + Vegan diets

Women's health

Weight management

Fine tune your diet to make sure you're adequately meeting your nutritional needs.

hormonal imbalances





Learn how to improve symptoms and feel your best with customized nutritional guidance.

digestive issues

Chronic bloating 




Low-FOMDAP counseling + customized approaches for identifying food sensitivities.

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