Stefanie provides virtual or in-person nutrition counseling in the NYC-area for a variety of conditions including:


Overall wellness & lifestyle change

    • Women’s health (preconception, pregnancy and post-pregnancy)
    • General wellness
    • Weight management (weight loss, weight gain)


Immunological & hormonal disorders – teaching on  how to best manage your allergy to help relieve symptoms without unnecessary restrictions

    • Food allergies
    • Food sensitivity testing available in office
    • Celiac Disease
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
    • Hypothyroid & hyperthyroid


Gastrointestinal disorders – nutritional management for a variety of intestinal disorders or discomfort to help alleviate symptoms & prevent complications

    • Chronic constipation or diarrhea
    • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with Low-FODMAP elimination diet
    • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
    • Diverticular disease (diverticulitis & diverticulosis)
    • Gastric Reflux (GERD)
    • Stomach ulcers


Cardiovascular disease – counseling on heart healthy meals to help protect your heart

    • High cholesterol
    • High blood pressure
    • High triglycerides


Diabetes – helping you achieve optimal blood glucose control and to manage the symptoms & complications of diabetes

    • Pre-diabetes
    • Diabetes – type 2
    • Gastroparesis
    • Gestational Diabetes


Consulting Services Available:
If your company requires the expert services of a dietitian, Stefanie is available to consult.

  • Corporate consulting (in-office brief consulting sessions for employees)
  • Corporate lectures (in-office seminar or lecture for employees on general healthy eating habits or a more specific tailored topic)
  • Nutrition material review or development (ie. nutrition-related written materials, blogs, website content)
  • Interviews for publications